Monday, June 11, 2012

True Blood: Season Premiere

True Blood is back!  I am not as excited as I was last year, or the year before.  But still I will blog about it as much as my schedule allows. :)

The writer's had a lot to tackle in this first episode of the season.  All of this content makes it difficult to tackle for any blogger.  I'll do my best, and I may focus on the characters and story lines I care about most.

The over arching theme of the episode was people returning whether they were wanted or not.  Tara returned in the end, but she was not the version they expected.  Terry had an old Marine friend, Patrick, played by Scott Foley return; and he was significantly unwanted.

Russell Edgington has returned, and it is best for the series.  He makes such a great villain.

Even people we have never seen before such as Erik's sister has returned, and it was a very gross introduction to her.

Unfortunately for Jason Stackhouse, Rev. Newland has returned but as a gay vampire expressing his undying love for him.  Jason handled it more kindly than expected.

Erik and Bill find themselves in very deep trouble with the Vampire administration, and they leave Jessica to become Queen of Louisiana.  It is amusing to see her trying to form her identity still, and to make choices any young woman would make even as a vampire.  She is impulsive and demanding, so it'll be interesting to see if Jason is able to win her over.

We were left without one return, and it was of Jesus.  He will probably come back later on in the season, and it will be interesting to see how LaFayette is further changed by the magic inside him.

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