Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Competition 2012: The Results

Last year's Oscars I spent hungover, and I fell asleep. And I didn't feel bad about it because it was so bad.  I do not think that the Oscars are going to get good ratings, and does anyone under the age of 25 know who Billy Crystal is? Just saying.

Cirque De Soleil performance was really cool. I am very surprised I liked it. Melissa McCarthy's appearance trying to seduce Billy Crystal gets an A+ from me. Will Ferrel and Zach Galifianakis were a great surprise. I liked Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne continuing the Scorsese drinking game. 

Meg and I are fighting over Gwyneth Paltrow's cape on the red carpet. My best dressed of the night would be Viola Davis, Michelle Williams (only after I found it wasn't red because she did red at another awards show), and Emma Stone.  Meg's choices are Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, and she's glad Rooney Mara didn't wear black.

Below are the results: [Category: Winner, My thoughts on the speech and the choice. (Who was right.) ]  Meg won!

Best Picture: The Artist, I saw this in the theater, you can see my review here. (Meg)
Leading Actor: Jean DuJardin, I saw Damien Bichir hug George Clooney of the red carpet it was an awesome moment. I wish Clooney got it. (Meg) 
Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, I am really happy to see him win, and I want to see the movie now. (Both of us)
Leading Actress: Meryl Streep, I am happy for her, but really want Viola Davis. I hope another role comes along for her. We know Michelle, Rooney, and Glenn will be back up there. (Neither of us)
Supporting Actress:
Octavia Spencer, Woohoo, so happy to see her get it! So cute to see her get lifted out of her seat. Standing ovation! I loved her earrings. (Both of us)
Animated Feature:
Rango, I knew the academy was going to choose this one because it basically referenced every Western ever made and followed the storyline of one. (Both of us)
Art Direction: Hugo, I thought Hugo might be big tonight. (Neither of us guessed it)
Cinematography: Hugo, quick speech I am sure he deserved it. (Neither of us guessed it)
Costume Design: The Artist, like I said black and white must have been a challenge. (Both of us)
Best Makeup: The Iron Lady, I missed this in the original, blogger fail. I doubt the nominees enjoyed JLo's and Cam's antics. (Neither of us)
Directing: Michel Hazanavicius, Meg was right Michael Douglas butchered his name. (Both of us)
Documentary Feature: Undefeated, I want to see it, go Meg for having seen it. (Meg)
Documentary Short:
Saving Face, I really want to see this. It is about the tragedy of women who were victims of acid violence. (TV Lass)
Film Editing:
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, this movie was crazily filmed. I still liked the Swedish version better. So happy to see The Artist not win. (TV Lass)
Foreign Language Film:
A Separation, I knew it was going to get it.  The only other Iranian film I have ever seen was good. Great basis for choosing a nominee and a slight humblebrag as Meg would point out. (Both of us) Check out this interesting article on how Hollywood conquered the world.
Original Score:
The Artist, impressed that he has no formal training, (Neither of us)
Original Song:
Man or Muppet from The Muppets, they had the best presenters too! (Both of us)
Animated Short Film:
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, I have a feeling Meg chose Dimanche because it means Sunday in French, and that's why I almost chose it. (Neither of us)
Short Film: The Shore, another I missed blogger fail. (Neither of us)
Sound Editing: Hugo, the academy really going for nostalgia. God, I wish Drive was recognized, go see it! (Neither of us)
Sound Mixing: Hugo, the academy really going for nostalgia. I may be regretting changing my best picture choice.  (Neither of us)
Visual Effects: Hugo, really really regretting changing my best picture choice. (Neither of us.)
Adapted Screenplay:
The Descendants, Angelina definitely ate up the audience's reaction to her, she looked thin. I am happy to see this movie get recognized, it was a movie that made me laugh and cry multiple times. Love the winners making fun of Jolie positioning herself.  What would it have been like if Moneyball won?(Meg)
Original Screenplay:
Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris, I really loved this movie. I watched it during a time I needed an escape, and it brought me to a time in Paris I think of often with all of my favorite writers. I am glad it was recognized. (TV Lass)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Competition 2012

Oh Oscar Sunday...  As I sit here watching the E! Countdown to the Countdown of the Oscars I'm going to go through and give my picks for the 2012 Oscars.  I'd first like to say that my picks are going to be boring and predictable, because this awards season has been boring and predictable.  Is anyone else bored with awards shows?  I wouldn't be able to get through them without the ability to fast forward.

In fact, the last time I was genuinely excited by a victory was when Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won for best song in 2008.  I'll admit I was a huge fan of the movie and the band, and had already seen them perform live at the time of the awards show.  But that win genuinely helped them and their careers, and let more people in on the awesome band that is The Swell Season.  I've attached the video of that win at the end of this post.

I will say that I prefer Billy Crystal over Eddie Murphy as host, but I don't think Billy will be a very exciting host.  We all know the schtick by now.  But why were these the two "best options" for hosts of the 2012 Oscars?  It is 1997 or 2012?  Why have the Oscars reverted back after more modern picks of Jon Stewart and the awful decision of James Franco and Anne Hathaway?  I am hopeful that Sacha Baron Cohen might spice it up a little, hopefully The Dictator will make the Oscars regret the controversy from this week.

While I'm on this Oscars rant - where are the exciting acceptance speeches?  Cuba Gooding Jr, Matt and Ben, Roberto Benigni all had amazing off the cuff speeches and were genuinely thrilled to have won.  Is that gone now that awards season is so predictable?

And now on to my apathetic, uneducated picks.

Best Picture: The Artist - It seems like a pretty solid front runner at this point.

Leading Actor: Jean DuJardin - I hope it's Clooney but have a feeling momentum has swung entirely to The Artist.
Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer - Easy.
Leading Actress: Viola Davis - One step closer to the EGOT
Supporting Actress:
Octavia Spencer - Another given, but she absolutely deserves it.
Animated Feature:
Rango - Ehh, it's the only one I've seen, and my niece liked it...
Art Direction:
The Artist - Trend continues...
The Artist - Shocking guess, eh?
Costume Design:
The Artist- I'm boring myself...
Directing: Michel Hazanavicius - The only excitement will be waiting to see if the presenter will get the pronunciation correct
Documentary Feature: Undefeated - The only nominee I've seen
Documentary Short:
Incident in New Baghdad
Film Editing:
The Artist
Foreign Language Film:
A Separation
Original Score:
War Horse - I actually think it's going to be The Artist, but John Williams is a Boston star, so I'm going for the hometown favorite
Original Song:
Man or Muppet from The Muppets - It would be so fantastic if Bret McKenzie gets an Oscar, why can't they bring back Flight of the Conchords?
Animated Short Film:
Sound Editing:
Drive -We're really in the suspenseful categories that everyone cares about now!
Sound Mixing: War Horse
Visual Effects:
Adapted Screenplay:
The Descendants - unfortunately one of it's few wins of the night I suspect
Original Screenplay:
The Artist - it might anger some folks but I think it's going to be the winner.  I'd love it if Bridesmaids shocked everyone but it's never going to happen.
Click here to watch Falling Slowly win Best Original Song

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Oscars! by the TV Lass

I have a special blog for you!  I will be posting my guesses for the Academy Awards.  I know this is a TV blog, but movies are also something that I love.  I enjoy celebrity and watching all these actors come together and all the campaign for their awards.

The surprise is that I have my TV partner in crime from college posting her choices as well.  We've done this for many awards shows, and I asked her to guest blog.  I thought we should bring our little competition to the public.  She is better at guessing the winners than I am.  But I am looking forward to see how this turns out. 

***I knew I should have slept on my choices before revealing them to the blogosphere. I decided to change my best picture choice, see below.

Best Picture: The Help-I think an academy of old white men is going to try to not appear racist.  I originally chose Hugo because of nostalgia of the academy, but The Artist falls into this too.  I just can't swallow The Artist winning.  Don't get me wrong I think it's awesome that the film was made, and that it is getting recognized, but it isn't the best of film making.  There is a reason why sound is needed in movies, this movie proved that.  It will be the Crash of 2012 if it is wins (Brokeback Mountain should have won instead of Crash in 2006), and Weinstein will get another pat on the back.
Leading Actor: George Clooney-I have seen almost all the movies, and his performance is more moving. Gary Oldman is my true choice. 
Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer-I don't see how it could not be him.
Leading Actress: Viola Davis-her performance made "You is kind" sound good.
Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer
Animated Feature: Rango-going for nostalgia again 
Art Direction: Harry Potter-it deserves to win something. 
Cinematography: War Horse
Costume Design: The Artist-Black and white must have been a challenge
Directing: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist 
Documentary Feature: Hell and Back Again-Edited by a Temple Grad making Philadelphia proud.
Documentary Short:
Saving Face
Film Editing: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Foreign Language Film: A Separation
Original Score: War Horse
Original Song: Man or Muppet from The Muppets
Animated Short Film: La Luna
Sound Editing: Drive-I really wish the movie received more recognition. 
Sound Mixing: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Visual Effects: Harry Potter
Adapted Screenplay: Moneyball-Because it took so long to come together, it'll win. 
Original Screenplay: Midnight in Paris-even though it would be great to see Bridesmaids recognized.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Parks and Recreation: Sweet Sixteen

Ron points out to Leslie that she needs to take a leave of absence from her parks position to run her campaign.  Leslie does not take this well, and she also forgot Jerry's birthday.  Jerry is going to be 64, and his birthday is on February 29th, which is Leap Day.

Leslie tries to make up for this by throwing a surprise party for Jerry at Donna's lake house.  We get to see what Jerry does on his downtime, it's apparently bubble baths, book reading, and a bottle of wine (ok glass, I just wanted to keep the alliteration going).

We also see the demise Ann and Tom.  I freaking love their relationship or non-relationship.  TAnn Forever!!!

It is really sad to see Chris's realization of his sad life. 2.8% body fat and no one in his life.

Ron Swanson pearls of wisdom: Never half ass two things, only whole ass one thing.

So 11 year old Ron Swanson working in a steel mill?? Food for thought. 

Side note: You should check out this great article at Grantland about this episode.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

This post was written as a special request.  Also, I put so much time into the Challenge for my own entertainment purposes; I might as well write about it.  I would say that Bill Simmons and Dave Jacoby at Grantland may love the Challenge more than me.

Ok, so background to the Challenge: The challengers are partnered with their exes to compete in challenges and ultimately win money. 

The pairings and my analysis follows:
  • Abram & Cara Maria: I definitely think Cara Maria lacks confidence in her abilities.  Abram is just an animal when it comes to these challenges.  He also has tattoos on his hands, which I think are the weirdest addition to all of his body art.  I was sad to see them go because they are an intriguing couple. But they really didn't have a chance height and weight wise when the X game was revealed at the Dome.
  • CT & Diem: I am totally wondering if these two will get back together. In fact I am rooting for it..  I am also hoping that'll make it far too.
  • Dunbar & Paula: They have really been a non-entity this challenge, especially Dunbar.  We've barely seen them out side of the interviews before they do their challenges, which have been funny.
  • Johnny & Camila: I heard about this drunken event before I saw the episode.  She was also speaking Portuguese at one point in time and no one knew what she was saying she was sooooo drunk.  I feel bad that she had to live through this on tv. But that's also why we watch.
  • Mark & Robin: Robin may be the surprise competitor in all of this, but I do not see them making it to the final.
  • Rachel & Aneesa: Surprisingly are holding their own being two women.  I still can't believe Rachel would stab Mark in the back though.  Also, Johnny was supposedly such an asshole on the Island, so I don't blame her for trying to get rid of him.
  • Ty & Emily: I thought they were interesting separately on other challenges.  I think they have been boring, and they won't make it to the final. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The River: My Name is Jonas

In last night's episode, we get another piece of the puzzle.  Emmet Cole newly hired cameraman, Jonas, who is an adventurer.  He is also arrogant after being told not to film a funeral rite.  Jonas becomes cursed as the Hanging Man, and the jungle wants its revenge for Jonas's disregard for its people's tradition.

I really liked the character development of Jonas, from his interview tapes to his lying to the search party that he was thrown off the boat by Emmet. This storyline also showed that Lincoln is a better man that his parents who both were ready to throw Jonas off the boat to save themselves.  Jonas decided to take his life in his own hands, and he gave the jungle what it wanted i.e. contrition.

I am glad we got a new character to add to the search party, and I am sure we'll only learn more about the time on Emmet's boat before his disappearance.

Ironically, the episode title was "A Better Man" reminding me of a Pearl Jam song, and then Jonas's name made me think of the Weezer song.  So I included the Weezer video below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smash: Joe Dimaggio

I didn't have high hopes for this episode.  I really don't know why I am continuing to watch.  Maybe it's because Smash is part of the zeitgeist in Hollywood right now, but I even think that might be putting it on a pedestal.

Finally, we have a storyline I can get into.  Mike is hot, and you know I know I love the drama of a forbidden love affair.  I really don't like when people cheat.  But we haven't seen enough of the husband to care about him.

I do think this episode was going after Middle America.  First off, you have the trip to Iowa, where Karen in Redneck Woman in the bar.  Granted it's a song that gets stuck in your head, but that's not who she is or ever was as a character.  I guess they were trying to cultivate a middle America fanbase, and not alienate people with the show being set in New York.

Then you have Eileen Rand (any allusion to Ayn Rand by the writers??? I'll explore that further and get back to you), she is trying to make it without her husband.  This is proving to be difficult because he was the business side of their partnership.  "Nothing cultivates a female fanbase than a woman trying to go it on her own without a man." That's what I could see being said by executives when the show was being written.  Hollywood executives never give Middle America, women, or the audience enough credit.

Overall the show is getting a little more intriguing, I guess I'll continue to watch for blog purposes.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Downton Abbey: Finale

Downton Abbey originally aired in the UK with the finale being right before Christmas.  The US isn't that lucky, so we saw the finale in February.  It was still worth the wait.  The one thing the Brits know how to do it is Christmas.  This episode made me want to watch Love Actually, or travel to London for Christmas.  It seems to be a special time at Downton Abbey too.  First things, first, we get to see more about the family's reaction to Lady Sybil's wedding, and now pregnancy.  It is so very exciting.

We also get to see how insufferable Carlisle has become. Both Matthew and Lord Grantham tell Mary not to marry him because they see how unloving and annoying Carlisle is.  Lord Grantham proves what a compassionate and loving man he is.  Telling Mary to run off to America and bring back a cowboy.  Even if Lord Grantham compassion is only coming from his own indiscretion I'll take it. Thank god, she is listening to someone.

The Christmas/New Years celebrations are quickly dampered by Mr. Bates's trial and conviction.  It is annoying how Mr. Bates is so prideful to a fault. I truly hope he doesn't die next season. It is sad to watch the servants and household suffer because they care for Mr. Bates and Anna. 

Bates's conviction gives Thomas an opportunity to finally become a valet, but I do not think I have ever hated him more than this episode.  He is truly a spiteful man, who makes a dog suffer to improve his station.

Daisy is another who wants to improve her station.  She has definitely gotten a little fire in her.  She is fighting for what she believes is right with her marriage to William and her worth.  She is right, but just as William's father pointed out, it's all on how you approach the subject.
I hate that Matthew took on his guilt from Lavinia's death by rejecting his love for Mary.  But I love how everyone is telling them in this episode that they need to be together. Including the Ouija board, I loved the ending where it is obviously Lavina giving her blessing. 

I am so happy I got the ending I have been waiting for! Mary confesses everything to Matthew, and he doesn't care because his love is true.  He would never hold anything over Mary's head like Carlisle.  She deserves more.  Finally, Matthew comes to his senses in a light snow storm, such a beautiful way to get engaged!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The River: Blind in the Amazon

I was very happy to see Lincoln cut his hair, it looked so stupid.  To be honest, I couldn't sleep after last week's episode, I was so freaked out by the dolls and the general eeriness of the episode.  I think this week's was better for me and my sleeping habits.

They confirmed another layer to the story that Tess is guilty for having an affair with Clark. If you have been reading this blog long enough, you know my love of a forbidden love story and my loathing of cheating.  So the jury is out on this one until they reveal more or confirm they were separated before the affair.

While looking for a cave that Emmett may have gone into and gotten himself lost, the search party is attacked by an Amazon tribe that blinds its prey.  Everyone in the party except AJ slowly goes blind and becomes the hunted.  This show is systematically revealing all the things I would rather die than live through, like sleeping near a doll tree and having centipedes crawl all over me including my face.  I'd chose death. (You'll find out more about my survival tendencies in the Walking Dead blogs.)

The River also has no lack of drama, but you kind of knew it was going to be wrapped up by the end of the show.  Regardless, I am still going to continue to watch because it is intriguing, just like Lost and the X Files.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Smash: The Callback

Well television becomes really boring when you figure out the answer to their dilemma way before they do.  I predict Ivy as Marilyn and Karen as Norma Jean.  What else is going to happen on this show?  I already knew that Karen was going to get stuck at rehearsal and miss the dinner for her boyfriend.  Usually when you become successful, your personal life goes to the downhill.  Well see how the Smash writers play out this trite storyline.

Nothing is really that intriguing.  Even the son has a stupid story line, as the stupid teenager who wants his sibling to be saved from China. (I must note that Ryan McGee and Maureen Ryan pointed this out in their podcast last week.)  I don't know if this is imaginative and character driven story telling or even if this show has legs.  Sometimes series have bumpy first seasons before they find their footing.  Or they have spectacular first seasons and go nowhere (i.e. Commander in Chief or even Glee).

I do find Ivy compelling and talented. What happens to her character may be the only reason why I continue to watch the show. (I typed that before she slept with the director, so definitely not now.)

I must say the original musical numbers are surprisingly enjoyable and deserve praise I just wish the show was less predictable and overt.  Even though Ivy won the role for right now, I don't think that's the last we'll see of Karen as a Marilyn option.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Downton Abbey: Spanish Flu

I really like how Downton Abbey has used the historical timeline to their advantage to drive storytelling. Being a European history buff, I am glad to see World War I and the Spanish flu brought the homes of many Americans.  The way schools sum up the world wars is truly tragic, but that is a diatribe for another day.

Back to the task at hand, how good was this episode of Downton Abbey?  There was a lot to cover, so sorry if I missed some of the storylines.

We really get to see Sir Richard true colors when he is asking to Anne to spy on Mary.  He thinks anyone can be bought. Well these servants are loyal to Lord Grantham, and Sir Richard doesn't know how to function in this world.  As a result Carson will not go either to protect Mary, and she needs protection.

I hated seeing Lord Grantham have an indiscretion with his housemaid.  I really liked that Cora and he loved each other and still slept together all these years. I just thought he was better than that. 

Matthew standing was the best part of the episode, such a joyful surprise.  It adds another layer to the Mary Matthew love story. I also loved their kiss, sorry that Lavinia has to suffer in all of this.  But Mary and Matthew really should have gotten their act together long before it went this far. Lavinia said it best as she was dying.

It was kind of nice to see Thomas get his comeuppance, he deserved to be screwed over for his actions.  It was definitely just retribution.

I loved Branson and Sybil.  I would marry that sexy Irishman.  I love that it was Mary who was the voice of reason who talked Branson and Sybil into coming back to the house.  I don't think Lord Grantham will ever like his daughter's choice but he'll let her live her life. 

The Spanish flu looked so painful and distressing.  I couldn't imagine living through it.  Even seeing Cora like that I wonder if death was easier.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about Downton Abbey visually, and I have come up with another observation.  Lavinia has become the angelic light haired innocent to contrast to Mary's dark haired self serving immoral character.  Lavinia is ready to accept Matthew in any shape even if he is impotent, where Mary would not accept him even though he is her true love.  Mary instead has chosen the repulsive Sir Richard.  But I guess that's why even in death Lavinia is not thinking of herself; thus fulfilling her role as the ever selfless innocent.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Three D words

I never thought I would ever put David Letterman, Die Antwoord, and Downton Abbey in the same sentence let alone the same post.

Well Die Antwoord is a rap group from South Africa, and they are crazy.  Their music is oddly addictive, and it's tons of Afrikaans slang and curse words.  Apparently their performance stuck with David Letterman. He had our precious Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) repeating their song lyrics in her interview. (I posted the whole interview below.  It happens towards the end at 4:32.)

The Office: Special Project

Special Project in the business world usually means the crappiest job (Trust me).  So we'll see what the trip to Tallahassee will bring.  In Valentine's Day past on the Office, they usually went big.  Even after Parks and Rec last week I really thought they were going to hit it out of the park.  Instead there was a brief mention of it, and the rest of the episode was setting the table for next week where hijinks will surely ensue.

Any character that wants to break up Jim and Pam is automatically hated by me.  I really want Kelly to take her out in true Mindy Kaling vengeance fantasy fashion.  So we saw what happened last time Dwight was given any power, what is going to happen in Tallahassee? At least this episode has me looking forward to next week.

Highlight of the episode was when Ryan, Stanley, et al were dressed in the conference room in pink getting briefed for the trip.  It's the details, and Ryan's facial reactions are the best.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revenge: Perception

Emily's perception is blinded by one thing, revenge.  Glad to see Emily's revenge is back on track, I want to the black hearted Victoria Grayson go down.

Victoria tried to improve her relationship with her daughter by going to lunch with Declan, which was at god forbid a bar.  While this may have helped the situation, Jack certainly made sure that Victoria's secrets would be revealed to Charlotte and Daniel.

In this episode, you see that Emily has a heart.  After she saw the touching moment between Charlotte and Connie, Emily decided not to reveal that they share the same father.  But Jack burst into the engagement dinner and confronted Victoria on leaving Amanda Clarke all alone in a time of need.  He also outed her secret affair and Charlotte and Daniel found out the truth.

The best part of the episode was Emily coming home to the ball invitation that someone left for her.  It is so rare in the story when Emily is surprised.  I would not have been able to sleep that night if I found that in my home.  And this all leads up to the episode we have been waiting for all season.  I cannot wait!  But who left the ominous message for Emily?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The River: Two Hour Premiere

When I decided to watch and blog about the River, I didn't know it was a 2 hour premiere. I've got to say it kind of reminds me of Off the Map, well the jungle theme at least.  But the River is way more scary and suspenseful.

The first hour is spent setting up the story of the lost explorer, Emmet, dabbling in magic myths of the Amazon. The search party of Emmet's wife, son, and tv shows affiliates find the boat, and lets out a ghost/vampire of a dead crew member.  The search party is trying to fight of the ghost/vampire, while trying to escape themselves.  After fending off the threat they determine that Emmet is still alive and they continue on their quest to find out what happened and find Emmet.

I am surprised how scary this show is.  It also reminds me of how much I should be watching American Horror Story. I can't believe how freaked out I am while watching.  But will the show run into the ghost/threat of the week with the series?

The show also reminds me of Cloverfield, which is one of my favorite movies. It is refreshing to see storytelling like this in the tv format.

So I find Joe Anderson's voice weird, he's trying to do an American accent.  But I think they could have made it work with his current accent.  See his interview from Comic Con below, and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Smash: Pilot

I am only blogging/watching Smash to see how many "Smash: The Smash Williams" story jokes Alan Sepinwall at can come up with.  Also, NBC has a lot riding on this show.  It even had news stations doing plugs for it during their evening broadcast.  They moved Rock Center on me.  I love Brian Williams on a Monday night telling me about the news stories for the week.  I digress.

Let me preface this review by stating I am not a musical geek, "Les Mis" didn't impact my adolescence.  When Joey Potter sang On My Own during the Dawson's Creek pageant, it was my best friends who knew the song, not me. I still have never seen the musical.  Granted I have a pretty awesome Broadway record (on account of my college roommate), but musical theater really didn't appeal to me until college.

Even after that, Glee during its first season was awesome, now it's become trite.  I am not a die hard, "everything is better with music or dialogue and feeling should be expressed through song" kind of person.  Thus, I am not heavily invested in Smash.  And outside of my obsession with tv, I do not have a strong desire to watch.  But I am willing to see what happens.

What happened is that I fell asleep, that is why this post is so late.  It wasn't bad for a pilot, but I didn't identify with either of the characters.  It's hard to believe that Karen Cartwright wouldn't have dressed up for the audition or that Ivy would be vomiting for hers after 10 years of going on auditions.  I am unsure if I liked the toggling between fantasy and reality during the scenes. Also, if Marilyn didn't want to become a joke and Julie NEEDS to protect that, making her into an idiot about baseball surely is the path to take to ensure Marilyn isn't a joke.

I am the demographic for this show, and yet I am left wanting.  I'll continue to watch for pop culture purposes, maybe blog again about it; but I can tell you right now I am not in love with the show.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Downton Abbey: Separation Arrangements

This episode blew my mind with having a potential heir return, and Edith being the only one to believe him.  It was nice to see an Edith centric episode.  She definitely has maintained the role of the middle child, always in the background.  But was she the most gullible, and that's why she believed Patrick's story so easily? Now I wonder if his story is so unbelievable because our (the characters and myself included) judgement is clouded by our love of Matthew.  He was able to partake in the childhood memories with Edith. But why did he seek her out?

I guess we'll never know who Patrick really was, since he left Edith with such an ambiguous note.

Violet is so manipulative. I swear only Maggie Smith can make conniving qualities appear charming, cunning, and clever.  I love how self serving she can be, and yet I do not mind at all finding a cause for Isobel to focus her energy.  Isobel's selfless and altruism became grating after awhile.

Another thing I noticed about the episode that I think might be foretelling the fate of Sir Richard Carlisle, every shot where he is talking to a Crowley, there is something in the background separating the characters.  In Haxby, you have the chandelier dividing Mary and Richard.  And again when Richard is talking to Cora, the window pane is dividing him.  Will Richard never become part of the family since the landscape is consistently separating him from the family?  Dear god, I hope so.  I do not think he is a good man or a good match for Mary.  Carson would agree with me, and I think he feels the need to protect Mary from the situation she made for herself.