Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Smash: Pilot

I am only blogging/watching Smash to see how many "Smash: The Smash Williams" story jokes Alan Sepinwall at hitfix.com can come up with.  Also, NBC has a lot riding on this show.  It even had news stations doing plugs for it during their evening broadcast.  They moved Rock Center on me.  I love Brian Williams on a Monday night telling me about the news stories for the week.  I digress.

Let me preface this review by stating I am not a musical geek, "Les Mis" didn't impact my adolescence.  When Joey Potter sang On My Own during the Dawson's Creek pageant, it was my best friends who knew the song, not me. I still have never seen the musical.  Granted I have a pretty awesome Broadway record (on account of my college roommate), but musical theater really didn't appeal to me until college.

Even after that, Glee during its first season was awesome, now it's become trite.  I am not a die hard, "everything is better with music or dialogue and feeling should be expressed through song" kind of person.  Thus, I am not heavily invested in Smash.  And outside of my obsession with tv, I do not have a strong desire to watch.  But I am willing to see what happens.

What happened is that I fell asleep, that is why this post is so late.  It wasn't bad for a pilot, but I didn't identify with either of the characters.  It's hard to believe that Karen Cartwright wouldn't have dressed up for the audition or that Ivy would be vomiting for hers after 10 years of going on auditions.  I am unsure if I liked the toggling between fantasy and reality during the scenes. Also, if Marilyn didn't want to become a joke and Julie NEEDS to protect that, making her into an idiot about baseball surely is the path to take to ensure Marilyn isn't a joke.

I am the demographic for this show, and yet I am left wanting.  I'll continue to watch for pop culture purposes, maybe blog again about it; but I can tell you right now I am not in love with the show.

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