Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The River: Two Hour Premiere

When I decided to watch and blog about the River, I didn't know it was a 2 hour premiere. I've got to say it kind of reminds me of Off the Map, well the jungle theme at least.  But the River is way more scary and suspenseful.

The first hour is spent setting up the story of the lost explorer, Emmet, dabbling in magic myths of the Amazon. The search party of Emmet's wife, son, and tv shows affiliates find the boat, and lets out a ghost/vampire of a dead crew member.  The search party is trying to fight of the ghost/vampire, while trying to escape themselves.  After fending off the threat they determine that Emmet is still alive and they continue on their quest to find out what happened and find Emmet.

I am surprised how scary this show is.  It also reminds me of how much I should be watching American Horror Story. I can't believe how freaked out I am while watching.  But will the show run into the ghost/threat of the week with the series?

The show also reminds me of Cloverfield, which is one of my favorite movies. It is refreshing to see storytelling like this in the tv format.

So I find Joe Anderson's voice weird, he's trying to do an American accent.  But I think they could have made it work with his current accent.  See his interview from Comic Con below, and let me know what you think.

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