Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Challenge: Wings of Love

The episode opens with the decision from last week.  I agree with TJ dumbest decision in challenge history.  I am hoping that Emily and Ty have an alliance with Diem and CT.  We are down to our final four.  Too bad Paula's play to get Johnny and Camilla in the dome.

This looks like the hardest challenge I've seen in a while.  I like the strategy that CT and Diem come up with, minus Diem's scrunchie. 

The pairings and my analysis follows:
  • CT & Diem: CT efficiently used the knee pads to his advantage.  I think Diem really stepped up.  I did listen to a podcast where Evan was saying she's overrated.  I don't think so. Power couple twice in a row!
  • Johnny & Camila: Camila falling may be some of my favorite scenes of this season.  I am glad they are a little shaken from this challenge.
  • Mark & Robin: The interview at the end when Robyn gets choked up is priceless.  But I think Mark was supportive of her.
  • Ty & Emily: Emily has her height on her side compared to the other girls in the challenge.  I am happy to see them make it to the final.  Glad that CT and Diem took care of them.
Mark Long of course says it's his last challenge.  I do think once you're in your forties it's time for retirement.

Until next week, I obviously can't stand by my prediction of Johnny and Camila, CT and Diem, and Mark and Robin.  So it's CT and Diem, Emily and Ty, and.....we'll see. 

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