Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Challege: Wedding Dresses

Johnny is trying to revolutionize men applying sunblock on each other.  He is ambitious, and it still didn't look normal.  Why do people follow him?

The talk between Emily and Ty in the beginning did not bode well for later on in the episode. I am glad to see CT and Diem having a serious talk with lots of apologies.  I loved watching them fall in love, and I would love to see it materialize again.  But I know life doesn't always go that way.

Mad props to the producers for the race to the alter with the wedding dresses, tuxedos, and a cake eating contest.  I really want them to bring back the milk and cookies contest. So genius, torturing exes.

The pairings and my analysis follows:

  • CT & Diem: I am way too happy to see them win and kiss.  Their dinner was cute, and I loved their strategizing. Can't wait to see who they choose!
  • Dunbar & Paula: Paula totally wanted to kill Dunbar, but at least he knew how to do it. Yet, they were undone by sandy nuts.  Paula threw out Johnny and Camila's name so quickly, it was shocking.
  • Johnny & Camila: I am not surprised by Johnny protecting Mark, and it was funny to see him squirm he needs to feel that.
  • Mark & Robin: I know Mark was just trying to protect Johnny and himself, but CT accurately pointed out how he was stuttering.  I love that CT calls people out.
  • Ty & Emily: OMG, Never listen to Camila in terms of what is or is not racist in life.  Even though she grew up in a cult, she shouldn't have done that to anyone let alone, her partner.
On a random note, I love this quote from CT.  And I still want to go to CT's version of Buenos Aires from the last Challenge: "As soon as we get to Buenos Aires, there's gonna be salmon and strippers... clowns in dog suits, dogs in clown suits..."

Until next week, we'll see what happens. 

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