Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes Finale

We left off last week in the middle of the last leg of the finale in Iceland.  I knew going to Iceland would mean they are eating the delicacies of Icelantic culture. I actually would want to try the shark and blood. CT drinking the blood like a champ was impressive.  It was like he did it as a hobby comparable to drinking Irish Car bombs in Boston.  I did feel sorry for Diem that she was a vegetarian since the 6th grade.  CT totally took one for her.
The puzzle and the tunnel through the snow were as expected.  Even though Diem has a career and is smarter than the others; she still managed to surprise me with the puzzles. Climbing on the other hand, I was surprised they made them go that far.  It was awesome to see them do it.

  • CT & Diem: I really wanted to see them win, and I just think CT is built for these challanges.  He's a machine, and he just broke down.  At least they didn't come in last.
  • Johnny & Camila: It was really annoying to see them win. I love that Johnny is really bad at puzzle just proves what a conniving idiot he is.
  • Ty & Emily: Emily and Johnny would have dominated this challenge if they were paired up.  The whole time you could see how they were being dragged down by their partners.
This Challenge wraps as the 22nd season, which means the Challenges are older than the demographic who watches them. I really hope they bring it next time around, and a good amount of the challengers come back for the competition. Or they need to do a "where are they now?" challenge themed show.  I would totally watch that.

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