Monday, March 12, 2012

Walking Dead: Stupid Shane

Season two can be summed up with stupid Lori, stupid Shane, and stupid Carl.  This episode opened with the funeral for Dale, and how Rick was going to honor his memory by letting Randall go.  While they prepare to house for everyone to move in together.  Both Carl and Lori confide in Shane.  Shane uses Carl's confession as ammunition to blackmail Rick into feeling badly.  Lori however expresses compassion for Shane's situation, and she confesses she isn't sure who the father is.

Basically, Lori added fuel to the fire for Shane who is obviously unstable.  I say it again stupid Lori.  All of this pushes Shane into action.  He decides to kill Randall but in the most advantageous way.  He breaks his neck while easing him into thinking that Shane is going to join Randall's group.  Then Shane intentionally runs into a tree to show he struggled with Randall. (This is the third time this season that a series has showed a character running in an object to be purposely and visibly injured a la Revenge and Ringer. Yes, I watch waayyyy more tv than I blog about.) 

A search party is assembled looking for Randall.  They break off into teams.  Darryl and Glenn find the most disturbing evidence.  Randall as a zombie with no bites. (I think it is a virus everyone has and death just activates it.)  Darryl was dubious of Shane right when he told his story, and than Darryl saw the tracks and the blood on the tree.  We then spent the rest of the episode worrying that Shane was going to kill Rick.

Shane and Rick quickly find themselves in a field, where Shane plans to execute Rick.  Shane knows Lori and Carl will get over it. The hubris of Shane is revealed.  Shane's monologue states how much better of a man he is than Rick.  And after all the talking, pride, and confrontation, only one man walks out of the field.

Wow, Rick is the one who stabs Shane, ending his reign as being the best fit for this new world.  Carl sees all of this, including Shane with no bites rising from the dead to become a walker.  Carl shoots Shane, essentially ringing the dinner bell for all the walkers in the area to come feeding. I feel sorry for the cattle, I hope some survive.

Next week is going to be good.  No bites, do you think it's the flu shot that distributed the virus that makes every one turn into a zombie?

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