Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Downton Abbey: The Effects of War

This post is late because I had a dvr snafu, and Downton Abbey wasn't recorded.  I had to watch it online, which I basically need to donate to PBS because it was refreshing not to have a commercial every 5 seconds.

So we have Downton Abbey significantly affected by the war, with both William and Matthew being injured in the war.  William has become the angelic figure who protects Matthew during a battle, and all he wants to do is marry Daisy.  Daisy is portrayed as simple, and yet she does have a good argument for what is right.  But in war and in life the line between right and wrong becomes very blurred.  I also think if Daisy was given more credit she wouldn't be so simple.  For instance, when she is told not to read because she'll strain her eyes.  If she had the chance to learn more and read, she might be able to see why marrying William is not wrong.  It is providing comfort to a dying man.

We also see how much Lavinia loves Matthew, she would marry him even though he could not bear children.  Mary would not do that, again Matthew becomes not good enough for Mary; even though he is all that she wants.

Mary also tries to protect the house and its servants by telling her fiance Richard about his indiscretion with the Turkish ambassador.  I think this is going to be used as leverage for Richard to get more and take more from the Granthams than Mary realizes.

Well I am looking forward to next week and to see how each storyline progresses.  On a last note, how romantic are Sybil and Branson?  His arguments have been getting better and better, they need to make out already.

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