Friday, January 27, 2012

Parks and Recreation: Bowling for Votes

Leslie Knope's campaign has brought her back to the annoying parts of the character that are grating and so hard to watch.  She redeemed herself in the end after Ben punched that stupid guy.  But what kind of message is that saying about campaigning for Leslie as a woman?

April and Tom were the highlights of the show tonight.  I always love April's commentary (I think she's a wizard in real life). They really play to Aubry Plaza's strengths when they write for April to do voices and deadpan humor.

I think Tom is one of my favorite characters on tv. He's so lovable, but he would be so annoying in real life.  His innocence and naivete make him redeemable.  Also, did anyone else get the Drive reference with Tom's scorpion jacket?  Again, Parks and Rec always gets the little details so right. It is so something like Tom would buy and wear.

Also, see Drive, it's amazing Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, the story is so intense.  The music is great. Just do it!

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