Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Girl: We Built this Schmidty

I will never waste the opportunity to reference Starship.  I also love an ugly duckling transformation as much as I love a love triangle.  This episode of New Girl reminded me a lot of How I Met Your Mother. Maybe is was the flashbacks or singing in a car on a road trip?  The partying and friendship?

I am definitely loving Nick's new relationship, and the Cosby impressions weren't too bad either.  Benjamin reminded me of the guy who needs to be that guy and deserved to be hit. (I do not advocate violence.) The charcuterie reference was immensely pretentious and lovable.

Schmidt and Jess may be the best new couple on tv, they could help each other find themselves. I would fall for Schmidt's blue eyes too.  But will it actually happen?

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