Sunday, January 8, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Desparate Souls

Fairy Tales just may be real in this small Maine town.  Since the death of the sheriff/huntsman, a replacement is needed. Emma Swan must run against Regina's (Evil Queen's) appointed candidate, who is Gus from Breaking Bad. (My mind is still blown from the finale this summer. Anyone else's?) 

We are finally getting Rumpelstiltskin's (Mr. Gold's) background.  Robert Carlyle plays him beautifully. In his fairy tale, he is not the conniving man that he is portrayed as everywhere else.  He is a destitute coward who takes a chance to steal a dagger to gain power in his realm. This power transforms him into a monster who protects what is his at all costs.  Back in Storybrooke, Emma Swan stands up to Mr. Gold, playing right into his hand owing her sheriff's position to Mr. Gold's arson to make her look like a hero.

We only had a brief interaction between Margaret Mary (Snow White) and David Nolan (Prince Charming).  I just want them to get together.  What can I say I am a romantic? I watched two shows tonight that include "Will they or Won't they" couples.

I am looking forward to next week's Hansel and Gretel.  I always loved that story.