Friday, January 20, 2012

Parks And Rec: Insurance?

Andy may be my favorite next to Ron Swanson on P&R.  When Andy sneezes, I could see him actually hitting his head.  Also, he was standing on a rolling chair, which was priceless.  It's those details that make this show.  Andy's and April's attempt to dine and dash into an ambulance was amazing.

I liked the introduction of Paul Rudd, his character is the best counterpoint to Leslie Knope.  Bobby Newport as an overgrown man/boy who thought running for office would be easier than growing up.  Is that allegorical to politicians?

So Maureen Ryan of the Huffington Post brought up a bigger question, is Leslie corrupt?  All the things she does: the parties, using government employees for her campaign, isn't this corruption?  Would you vote for her?

Below I posted a video of my favorite interview ever.  Sometimes when I am down, I watch it and instantly feel better.

Happy Friday everyone!

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