Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor: 18 Survivors?

When I originally conceived this blog a long time ago, I decided I wasn't going to write about reality tv.  But I had two friends (old college roommates) implore me to watch the Bachelor.  Granted I was not a fan of last season's Bachelorette, but I thought I would give it a shot.  I caught up yesterday with ABC's second airing of the premiere.  Smart move on their part to get viewers who were dubious like myself.

My take aways are that these women are crazy.  The drama of the first night was crazy! Fellow blogger Jenna Burke (The Over-Analyst) proved her namesake. She seems sweet, and I know she'll survive the embarrassment of great ratings for ABC.

Now on to the more intriguing, first time ever....a possible lesbian couple within the bachelorettes? Who knows? But it'll make for some stellar ratings. I also know that Bill Simmons, Dave Jacoby, and the Sports Gal are all over it.

As for the second episode, being a 28 year old single woman of course my dream man is a winemaker.  But I wouldn't go on national television to meet him, and I am not particularly attracted to Ben either.

Apparently, Sonoma, Southern women, a traumatizing fairy tale, the nickname of "jugs," and lots of swimming and/or crying make for Primetime television.

Anyone wonder how many cases of wine ABC producers stalked in the house? 

And then there were 16...


Mer said...

Jenna may be able to live down the embarassment except for the fact that ABC used her crying episode from last as their commercial advertising the new season of The Bachelor for about a month prior to airing. That certainly did not help reputation. I wonder if she learned anything for her blog?

Heather said...

Oddly, her blog has been inactive since September 2011. I wonder if she was barred from blogging, which would be surprising since it was her job.