Monday, January 16, 2012

The Artist

I had the day off from work today, so I decided I should go see a movie.  I really wanted to see My Week with Marilyn.  But I chose to see The Artist instead.  This choice was based on times, and I would only be able to watch a silent film in a theater with no distractions.

The Artist definitely deserves the accolades that it has been receiving.  It is a very inventive way to tell a story in silent film form during this day and age where one has access to just about everything to tell a story.  The story was predictive and about love. Of course in this form the performances need to be top notch for the movie even to work.  Because it is a silent film, you become acutely aware as a viewer of the theater around you.  So I had a guy choking on candy next to me, and a few rows over too loud of laughers for a silent film.  Another observation of silent film is that it is a very disconnected way of storytelling.  There definitely was a wall where you cannot identify with the character or get invested in their story because it is a very two-dimensional portrayal of real life.

As a Hollywood observer, I would say this movie is getting praise because of the nostalgia for the art form of silent films and to have the skill to create a film like that today deserves to be praised.  Once I see all the films, I will comment if it deserved the Golden Globe.  I feel like after this award season it is easily forgettable, which is unfortunate.

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