Monday, January 23, 2012

Downton Abbey: Smoking Hot

This past Sunday's episode had a lot of action nearly every character had something to do with the episode.  You have Daisy worried about William's return and by proxy Matthew's return as well.  Lady Cora and Cousin Isobel fighting over the management of the convalescent home that leaves Isobel's only choice is to fill a need elsewhere in France.

This episode also showed the dichotomy of the servers versus the Crawley family.  The Crawleys were hesitant to open their home to soldier during World War II.  And Mary is complaining about singing a song for the concert to entertain the soldiers.  Then you have the servants doing anything for soldiers; giving up their time and salary to start a soup kitchen for the unemployed and injured veterans of the war. 

Now, I do consider Lord Grantham a good person, he hunts down Bates because he cares for him. The Crawleys are a nice noble family while altruistic, they are not as selfless as their servers who have less but give more, with the exception of O'Brien and Thomas.  (Side note: Thomas makes smoking a cigarette look so enjoyable, this non-smoker even wants one.)  Lady Cora does have a high moment when she insists the soup kitchen continues, but with the use of the house's money.  O'Brien's face when Lady Cora joins in on serving the veterans was priceless.

Lady Sybil may be my favorite sister, and I do like the romance that is unfolding between Branson and her.  Another dichotomy between the servants and the nobility, where Branson thinks "the rest is detail" when it comes to the two different worlds they live in.  The hopeless romantic in me looooooved that line. 

Granted a lot happened in the episode, but I'll leave you with my favorite moment of the series.  I was so happy to watch it.  This series is great because of the emotion it creates in the viewer.

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