Sunday, January 8, 2012

Downton Abbey: With or Without You

I am embarrassed to admit as an anglophile, it took all the buzz of Downton Abbey to get me to watch.  I am so glad that I did.  I basically watched Season 1 over the holidays, and I have been eagerly awaiting the start of Season 2.

At the open, we are quickly thrown into World War I trenches.  The war is in full force, and Downton Abbey has been affected by it. The theme of the second Season is change, and there is a lot of it to come.  Nearly every character mentions it.

Of course I am obsessed with the love story between Matthew and Mary, Matthew would inherit the title and estate since none of the Earl's daughters can inherit it under English law. Mary who is smart and strong, yet incredibly sensitive.  I truly hope the writers do not continue to keep them apart.  Downton Abbey has enough talent, fully formed characters, and story lines that the show can continue to be interesting after they are together.

Some of the high points in the show:
  • Branson confessing his feelings to Lady Sybil.  I have really enjoyed watching Lady Sybil continue to push the boundaries of gender roles.
  • Lady Mary giving her good luck charm to Matthew. It so funny when Lavinia Swire was introduced.  As a viewer I automatically didn't want to like her, and I thought the writers of the show gave her the last name of swine. 
  • Any of the World War I scenes, the show really depicts the devastation and loss within the trenches.  I was not surprised by Thomas's actions at all. 
  • Violet revealing one of their female ancestors loaded guns in a previous war. 
I am looking forward to next week to see how the war continues to affect Downton Abbey and change the world as well as the character's lives.