Friday, January 13, 2012

The Office: The Einsteins

All right pretty contradictory, I just said The Office is past its prime, and then I choose to write about the show. I really liked the episode tonight.  Maybe because I am a sucker for trivia?  Or that I am positive no one in Middle America or any one that supports Rick Santorum got the Grindr reference?  I also loved the usage of BJ Novak, always great when he has some screen time.  Kevin was a highlight too. Something I've been wondering since the first season, does Kevin have front teeth?  Please answer this for me blogosphere.

Lots of deep thoughts right now, considering the line up tonight; would Studio 60 fit in the 10 o'clock time frame? I absolutely looooooooooved Studio 60, but it didn't last.  Would it get greenlit today and any ratings five years later?

**I guess as a follow up to the NBC Line up post, they have shows to work with, but they need to be smarter about when they air them to build regular viewers. 

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