Thursday, January 19, 2012

Revenge: Commitments

I didn't want to get sucked into Revenge.  I truly didn't need to add in another show to my already taxing schedule.  Even right now, I am trying to figure out how to fit in all the movies for the award shows, tv, reading, and a social life.  I want to write more robust reviews for you guys.  I am doing all for the love of entertainment and my blog readers.

So my friend got me into Revenge, after catching up from the first 3 episodes I was hooked.  While I was out with my 22 year old cousins over the holidays, we saw my friend; and then we got my cousin hooked.  My cousin has NEVER watched script tv shows.  Could you imagine?  I remember growing up when everything was scripted.  Buffy, Dawson's, West Wing, Gilmore Girls, teenage years.

So what is Connie upto with offering to pay for Declan's school?  I think all Graysons have an ulterior motive. Oddly, I don't know if Daniel has an ulterior motive with Emily, does he really just want to get back at his dad?  Anyone at the age to be in graduate school would be past that? Right?  I mean my parents are divorced, I don't think I could do that.

Back to last week's post is Daniel that innocent?  Why am I not enjoying this version of Emily's revenge? Or getting engaged after a summer together? I agreed with the decision to pause the revenge for a bit.  And Amanda Clarke leaving, god was she annoying.  But here is why I watch this show, when you know how evil someone is they still surprise you with how low this will go. Victoria will do anything to maintain her lifestyle, and the love of her son.  The end when Daniel tells Emily his mother's accusations, it was a very nuanced reaction by Emily VanCamp, and it looks like her revenge is right back on track.

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