Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes: Winners 2012

Last night I watched the Golden Globes sipping Prosecco, eating Dove chocolate, and wearing J.Crew pajamas.  There's nothing better than J.Crew pajamas, so comfortable.  It was a "Treat Yo' Self" kind of night.

My favorite part of the red carpet was Sarah Michelle Gellar asking how Giuliana Rancic (a breast cancer survivor) was doing after her interview, which was inadvertently caught when the camera lingered too long.  Yes, Sarah Michelle Gellar's dress looked like her two year old picked it out, because she did.  But it was a bold choice and I like it as well as dislike it at the same time.  I did watch Ringer and gave up after awhile, but after seeing this sincere exchange.  I may start watching again.  I guess for the love of Buffy, and women caring about each other. 

Many surprises from last night's Golden Globes, it was surprising how tame Ricky Gervais was.  His jokes involved a lot of people who were not in the room.  But I did love the easy beaver joke (which is just as fun to type LOL).  Anything making fun of Mel Gibson and Madonna is fine with me.  Even though Robert Downey Jr. would have been offended by those jokes too.  Little tidbit, Downey Jr. owes his comeback to Gibson because he paid the insurance on Downey's first movie post drug arrests.

Any way, back to the Globes, I was really happy for Homeland, the show deserves such praise.  I really want to see The Artist now.  I don't even know what to say about Laura Dern's and Matt LeBlanc's wins because I don't watch their shows.

As for fashions my favorite of the night were Jessica Chastain, Evan Rachel Wood, Kate Winslet, Zooey Deschanel (minus the side burn pieces), and Sofia Vergara.  I am a sucker for anything green, and I would looooove to wear something like Jessica Chastain.  It takes a long neck to pull it off.

Best Actor, Drama: George Clooney, "The Descendants"
Best Actress, Drama: Meryl Streep, "The Iron Lady"
Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Jean Dujardin, “The Artist”
Best Director: Martin Scorsese, “Hugo.”
Best Actress, Musical or Comedy: Michelle Williams, “My Week With Marilyn.”
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, “Beginners.”
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, “The Help.”
Best Foreign Language Film: “A Separation.”
Best Animated Film: “The Adventures of Tintin.”
Best Screenplay: Woody Allen, “Midnight in Paris.”
Best Original Score: Ludovic Bource, “The Artist.”
Best Original Song: “Masterpiece” (music and lyrics by Madonna, Julie Frost, Jimmy Harry), “W.E.”

Best Series, Drama: “Homeland,” Showtime.
Best Series, Musical or Comedy: “Modern Family,” ABC.
Best Actor, Drama: Kelsey Grammer, “Boss.”
Best Actress, Drama: Claire Danes, “Homeland.”
Best Actress, Musical or Comedy: Laura Dern, “Enlightened.”
Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Matt LeBlanc, “Episodes.”
Best Miniseries or Movie: “Downton Abbey (Masterpiece),” PBS.
Best Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Kate Winslet, “Mildred Pierce.”
Best Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Idris Elba, “Luther.”
Best Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Jessica Lange, “American Horror Story.”
Best Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Peter Dinklage, “Game of Thrones.”

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