Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parenthood: It is What It is

While writing this post, I totally debated on just making a Jason Katims label.  This man has the ability to create worlds that are relatable and you wish that was your world.  I never thought I would wish I grew up in a Californian family home or that I wish I went to high school in Dillon, TX.  These shows make me wish this, and that says a lot coming from a die-hard Northerner who never quite understands the obsession with California.

With the brood of Bravermans, there is a lot of story to cover in an hour.  It is always enjoyable to watch, and I feel invested in what happens to the characters.  I want them to fall in love, build stronger marriages, and make the right choices, but just like life, it doesn't always happen that way.

So we have Amber consistently being inadequate, even though she's supremely capable.  Anyone figure out where Bobby is from???? Yes, I looked it up. (That's why you read my blog right?)  The ill-fated Black Donnellys that was canceled after a few shows.  That show could have been great but lacked direction.  I wish they had more of a plan for Amber, the campaign with Kristina is just so not believable.

Dax Shepard is one of the most underrated actors on tv.  I like him with the cellist. Can she really play the cello in real life? I can't decide if I like her better than Jasmine.

Now onto Haddie, the situation and burden she carries as being the oldest child was perfectly acted.  Student loans are a subject close to my heart, I have a ton.  I think that Adam and Kristina are trying to do the right thing.  As a parent it is hard to say no, since she is going to be 18, isn't it her choice to take out the loans? and to choose a college where she can thrive? 

This goes for Sarah and Drew, he is obviously growing, changing, developing dreams, I don't think that would be happening without his girlfriend and her family.  But I totally understand Sarah position as a single mom without a degree.  Since I was raised by a single mom who didn't go to college, and I understand how much Drew is pulling away from her, which is unfortunate but a little bit necessary.   Deep down, Drew wants to build the family life his girlfriend has.

Well I am interested to see what happens next week, this show is so great to watch; I do not understand its low ratings. I just really hope it is not the last season.

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