Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bunheads: You Wanna See Something?

Bunheads might be the highlight of my January.  Right next to the premiere of Do No Harm.  I am just excited to how great Philadelphia will look, let alone my neighborhood. Well I am watching this episode of Bunheads while drinking hot chocolate. I am looking forward to returning to Paradise, CA as much as I wish it was Stars Hollow, CT.

We return to the fall out from Michelle macing her students.  Fanny has closed the studio, and the bunheads are left desultory without their stringent routine of ballet.  Boo is faring the worst of them all, with her mother being pregnant and on bed rest.  She has to take care of her parent's growing brood.  It just seems the whole town is dying for Michelle to come back.  Truly has gone even more insane without the norming friendship of quirky Michelle.

Michelle hasn't fared too well outside of Paradise.  She is working for a magician (the former brother-in-law to Luke Danes of Stars Hollow...I digress.  But I love the Gilmore Girls redux of actors), and she is barely dancing.  She's seemingly back to how her life was before Hubbell changed her life.  Paradise and Fanny's school gave her purpose. Even though it was small town and not glamorous, her life became more than just about her.  It's all people hope for in a fulfilling life.

Fanny watched videos of Michelle including her wedding video, which prompts Fanny to pay her a visit.  Fanny leaves the video for Michelle to see how Hubbel saw her.  He felt like he was Ducky and he got Molly (Great Pretty in Pink reference for Alan Ruck who is no stranger to a John Hughes movie).

Meanwhile, Sasha is returning from Joffrey not wanting to return to her unhappy home.  Sasha finds shelter in Michelle's old house with the boy she met at the hospital  Michelle returns to find them kissing, and Fanny has reopened the dance studio.  Fanny has lovingly choreographed a dance to the viral video of Boo's interview that has terrorized Michelle.  But that's what family does, they love us in the good times, and even more during the bad times.  Like it or not Fanny and Michelle are now family.

There is nothing else like Bunheads on tv right now, it's smart, the writing is superb, and it breaks the fourth wall bringing the viewer in on the joke.  ABC Family has a gem in this show that needs to be nurtured. I hope it makes it another season. 

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