Monday, January 21, 2013

Girls: I Get Ideas

Girls is one of my must watch shows.  I haven't written about it on the blog, so I figured I should tackle that early in the second season. We've returned to NY with the fall out of last season.  Marnie and Hannah not living together. Adam recovering from getting hit by a car, and Hannah grudgingly taking care of him.  Adam's break up songs were featured in the season two trailer, and I absolutely love Hannah's quote "I know I always said he was sexy in a murdery way, but what if he's murdery in a murder way?"

Hannah's new roommate is her ex-boyfriend who is gay, and he attempted to sleep with Marnie last week. I also love his judgement of dating a Republican that doesn't seem to fit Hannah's type.

Marnie is trying to find a job after being laid off.  She's on an interview, and she's being told she's not a fit for the art world.  Nothing hurts more when being told you don't fit in your chosen profession. Marnie's identity is being challenged along with her dreams, which happens to all of us in our twenties.

Shoshanna and Ray rekindled their relationship.  Shosh is so defined as a person, she's just trying to find the right guy who will love her personality and all.

Jessa is blissfully happy with Thomas-John, who is played by the amazing Chris O'Dowd.  They are back from their honeymoon, and bliss as well as puppies is what happens when the "hunt" is over.  She gives Hannah terrible relationship advice for Sandy, the Republican, (the lovable Donald Glover) and his review of her essays. This advice leads to Sandy and Hannah fighting over his beliefs and the impetus was his critique of her essays.

Adam is continuing to creep Hannah out by sneaking into her apt with his key. He insists on not giving up on Hannah or his manhood because he really loves her.  Hannah surreptitiously calls 911.  She immediately regrets it because Adam becomes harmless.  But Adam is arrested for his unpaid parking tickets and public urination.

I think that's the last we'll see of Adam, and I am eagerly anticipating Jorma's return to the show.  He was my favorite character last season, and I like how he challenges Marnie.

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