Monday, January 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Snow White

After a great weekend with friends in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, I am behind on my tv.  But I hope it'll be business as usual as soon as I get caught up.

So last week's episode about Hansel and Gretel was very good.  Once Upon a Time has definitely hit a rhythm.  The episodes are a little formulaic, and yet they remain entertaining.  I think this week's episode about Snow White is what we have been waiting to see, well at least what I have been waiting to see.  Her story and the love story is definitely a reason for why I watch.  This blog consistently points out to me that I am a hopeless romantic.

In Storybrook we get to see Mary Margaret and David admit their true feelings for each other, and yet we have Mary Margaret still trying to do the right thing and have David uphold his choice to stay in his marriage. I understand what she is trying to do, between two options there is a right and a wrong choice.  On the fairy tale side, Snow White complies with the King's ultimatum and lies to James about her love for him to save his life.

I liked the addition of the 8th dwarf, Stealth.  I also like Grumpy's cheesy speech, he's right about living with the emotions, good and bad.  And it broke my heart when she took the vile, but I got the kiss I have been hoping to see in Storybrook, since the start of this show.

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