Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Mindy Project: Teen Patient

After Mindy's tweet, I made it a point to blog about The Mindy Project tonight.  It is taking time away from The Passage by Justin Cronin. {I decided to participate in "The Double Down Book Club" because of Grantland's Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald podcast from last week, and I am now reading a 900 page book.  I will forgive them since they are from Philadelphia, and the book is good.  (Is everyone at Grantland from Philadelphia?? Even the reviewer of Silver Linings Playbook is from Philadelphia.)}

I digress back to the task at hand, The Mindy Project. Tonight's cold open was funny, I worry often about harming an intern, poor guy took a hard hit. Like every great romantic comedy, the main female character is on her journey to find love.  It is obvious Mindy hasn't found it with her current boyfriend, otherwise the relationship would be able to withstand the grueling questions of a fifteen year old.  This faulty relationship doesn't mean the show isn't without its funny moments, like Danny trying to handle an HR situation. Or Mindy visiting a high school on multiple occasions to dispense wisdom or condoms.  I have never felt older watching Mindy on the bean bag trying to have a conversation.  I would probably be doing all of those things.  I also wouldn't try to sit on a bean bag in a pencil skirt. I loved all the green of her outfit though.

I like Mindy Kaling enough to keep watching the show for its bits of comedy.  I really hope that it is appealing to a wider audience because I think Mindy is smart enough to continue to write good episode and truly hit a stride in the second season.  Once the characters are established, Mindy can play to her strengths of writing for female characters and develop a more "will they, won't they" storyline for Mindy and Danny (Dr. Castellano, almost as fun to say as Jordan Catalano).

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2 Broke Girls: And the Egg Special

Candy Andy is the best thing to happen to this show.  As a hopeless romantic, it made the show more tolerable, and I am always excited to see him.  In the episode, Martha Stewart gave Max's Homemade Cupcakes a blurb in her magazine.  This exposure means that Max and Caroline can take the next step in their business, which is opening a cupcake store across from Candy Andy.  Anything to have more Candy Andy on screen I support.  I was really happy to see that they didn't go through with selling their eggs.  First off, I couldn't see CBS supporting that storyline, and secondly it's just too grim of a reality.  Even though they pointed out that many people have babies through the process, so there was a silver lining. 

It seems the writers are hitting their stride where the story and jokes are a little more seamless than Max's one liners. I hope that this show is given more legs now that the cupcake business is getting off the ground with Sophie's help.  The writers can make the jokes and storylines more cohesive, and it is no longer about watching these two poor girls struggle to get their business off the ground.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

The contrast of the prison versus Woodbury continues as a theme in this episode.  Maggie and Glenn were free as citizens of the prison.  Their life wasn't as bad as it could be, they got to have each other and fun in the guard tower as often as they would like.  While in Woodbury, stupid Andrea was having fun with the Governor, she doesn't realize how much of a prisoner she has become.  Maggie and Glenn become prisoners in Woodbury, with Merle as the torturer in chief.  I am so proud of Glenn not breaking and getting his aggression out on the walker.  Maggie is subject to a different torture entirely, the one thing the Governor is particularly skilled is psychological manipulation.  So glad Maggie doesn't break as well, and she gives him a nice "Fuck You."

Michonne showing up with formula was the highlight of last week's episode.  She was taken in by Rick and the group, and she is magically healed by Hershel's hands to go on the rescue party for Maggie and Glenn.  After sacrificing a hunter to a herd (my preference would be to say murder) of walkers, the rescue party is on its way to Woodbury.

Meanwhile, Milton performing an experiment that Andrea knows will fail.  He is truly the creepiest scientist, and it was no surprise that he telecommuted to work and had no friends or family.

Maggie finally breaks and tells the Governor about the prison.  The Governor didn't think the prison could be taken, and Woodbury is about to be infiltrated.  Merle's loyalty will be tested.  He says it lies with Woodbury, but I think Baby Brother will trump all.   Where will Andrea's loyalties lie?  Probably the stupidest place possible.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2 Broke Girls: And the Candy Manwich

2 Broke Girls has stayed on my tv schedule because I like it paired with How I Met Your Mother, and I am a fan of Kat Dennings.  (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is on my Top Five Desert Island List.)  2 Broke Girls has not been the show to rave about, it's been good for the one-liners now and again.  But it wasn't appointment viewing.  I thought both of the characters were likable, so that's why I tuned in.

I am glad I stuck with it for tonight's episode alone.  If the writers could get this formula correct more often they would have a bona fide hit.  For me the allure of romance was a definitely needed storyline as opposed what we've seen so far into this season.  Even though it was highly unrealistic, but I have a new dream man, and he owns a candy shop (if you are out there, hmu).  I think showing Max and Caroline drunk and having fun, showing why they are friends with each other made them likable as well as relatable.  Taking them out of the diner when it wasn't related to cupcakes was a really good move.  I hope to see more episodes like this in future, and I will continue to watch.  I may also watch this one a few more times for a pick me up.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Walking Dead: Say the Word

The writers are continuing with the parallel story lines between Woodbury and the prison.   Apparently, Woodbury has devolved into Roman gladiator games, while the prison continues to surprise with its reminders of the best of humanity.  The joy of new life still exists in the bleak world.  Daryl's capacity to be exceedingly paternal to little ass kicker is enlightening.  This world can bring out that loving side of Daryl while it brings out the worst in the citizens of Woodbury. 

We have yet another stunning example of Andrea horrible decision making skills, and we continue to be creeped out by the Governor keeping his child walker way past her expiration date.  Was anyone else worried that there was something in the drinks at the party?  Or did anyone else think that the citizens were "drinking the cool-aid"?

While another husband and father becomes unhinged and goes on a walker killing spree.  I don't blame Rick at all for finally breaking, but what is going to be left when he is put back together? The previews for next week look good, I am glad the Michonne isn't truly gone.  Again, she'll have to clean up Andrea's mess, but I'll gladly watch her do that any day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Walking Dead: Killer Within

Wow, I didn't expect an episode like this tonight.  Granted the previews showed that something was coming but I did not expect the suspense, punctuated with the scenes at Woodbury.   I will tackle those first.

Andrea has to be the dumbest character on the show.  I don't know how anyone can justify her decisions.  She shot Daryl and slept with Shane last season.  She is just so lost, and she cannot read people well.  Andrea should be listening to Michonne, but Andrea was hit on twice so of course she wants to stay.

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose at Home, Sweet Prison, Home.  The chaos was started by a prisoner trying to take his house back.  The casualties and the humanity that came across in these scenes were mind blowing.  T-Dog didn't get many lines, and I didn't remember he was a God driven man.  But his sacrifice in saving Carol was truly moving and gory.  It was the best of humanity.  While at Woodbury, you have the worst of humanity in the Governor, who obviously has an end game; and he sees Michonne and Andrea as a part of it.

It finally came time for Lori to give birth.  I didn't expect her to die during this episode or birth.  But as the previews revealed no one is the same after this death.  Lori had her many faults as a character.  I thought she was so short sighted at times, but in the end her death was praise worthy (along with the performance).  There will be a ripple effect for the rest of the season, and I cannot wait to see how the writers decided to manifest it.