Monday, November 12, 2012

The Walking Dead: Say the Word

The writers are continuing with the parallel story lines between Woodbury and the prison.   Apparently, Woodbury has devolved into Roman gladiator games, while the prison continues to surprise with its reminders of the best of humanity.  The joy of new life still exists in the bleak world.  Daryl's capacity to be exceedingly paternal to little ass kicker is enlightening.  This world can bring out that loving side of Daryl while it brings out the worst in the citizens of Woodbury. 

We have yet another stunning example of Andrea horrible decision making skills, and we continue to be creeped out by the Governor keeping his child walker way past her expiration date.  Was anyone else worried that there was something in the drinks at the party?  Or did anyone else think that the citizens were "drinking the cool-aid"?

While another husband and father becomes unhinged and goes on a walker killing spree.  I don't blame Rick at all for finally breaking, but what is going to be left when he is put back together? The previews for next week look good, I am glad the Michonne isn't truly gone.  Again, she'll have to clean up Andrea's mess, but I'll gladly watch her do that any day.

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