Monday, November 26, 2012

The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

The contrast of the prison versus Woodbury continues as a theme in this episode.  Maggie and Glenn were free as citizens of the prison.  Their life wasn't as bad as it could be, they got to have each other and fun in the guard tower as often as they would like.  While in Woodbury, stupid Andrea was having fun with the Governor, she doesn't realize how much of a prisoner she has become.  Maggie and Glenn become prisoners in Woodbury, with Merle as the torturer in chief.  I am so proud of Glenn not breaking and getting his aggression out on the walker.  Maggie is subject to a different torture entirely, the one thing the Governor is particularly skilled is psychological manipulation.  So glad Maggie doesn't break as well, and she gives him a nice "Fuck You."

Michonne showing up with formula was the highlight of last week's episode.  She was taken in by Rick and the group, and she is magically healed by Hershel's hands to go on the rescue party for Maggie and Glenn.  After sacrificing a hunter to a herd (my preference would be to say murder) of walkers, the rescue party is on its way to Woodbury.

Meanwhile, Milton performing an experiment that Andrea knows will fail.  He is truly the creepiest scientist, and it was no surprise that he telecommuted to work and had no friends or family.

Maggie finally breaks and tells the Governor about the prison.  The Governor didn't think the prison could be taken, and Woodbury is about to be infiltrated.  Merle's loyalty will be tested.  He says it lies with Woodbury, but I think Baby Brother will trump all.   Where will Andrea's loyalties lie?  Probably the stupidest place possible.

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