Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sons of Anarchy: Toad's Wild Ride

After seeing I haven't written about Breaking Bad, I knew Sons of Anarchy was lacking from my blog as well.  When this show first came out, I was the biggest fan of the show.  I would talk to anyone who would listen about it. Trust me, I am not the normal demographic for the show. I loved the show because I love sub-culture, I find the hierarchy and customs fascinating.  Another thing I loved was the retelling of Hamlet in a modern day motorcycle club (MC).  I enjoyed seeing the reinterpretation of one of my favorite plays. 

I would say last season was slow, but I feel that Kurt Sutter was building the background to take the story where it needed to go.  This season has been exciting, Opie's death was heart breaking.  (I wonder if Ryan Hurst got to cut his hair?)  Jax has also significantly changed this season, he has more purpose than before.  Gemma is even more off the rails.  I loved the random Joel McHale appearance.

I have a feeling Joel McHale really enjoyed this short character run.   Clay on the other hand, I hope Ron Perelman enjoys playing such a mastermind villain.  I thought Unser was going to die at the hands of Clay.  I should have known better than that. Jax knows better though. 

Meanwhile, at the club house, Tara shows up with the boys ready to go up to a cabin for a respite.  I loved the juxtaposition of the swing set in front of a clubhouse.  You could tell something was going to happen to the boys especially after what Gemma has been doing to herself.

The writers are really going for blood this season, and it is driving the plot.  I cannot wait to see next week's episode and the fall out from it.


Unknown said...

Getting in bed with Gemma seems to be bad news for anyone but Clay. True, Joel McHale’s character might not have known that she was affiliated with the Sons but still. I call this karma in the biggest way. We all knew he was a con man but Gemma is one dangerous woman with SAMCRO and Nero in her corner. I’ve got my Hopper timer set to record the show each week so I don’t miss anything when I’m at work. Then I can come home, kick back and catch up on what I’ve missed. I’m surprised though that Nero saved his life and the Sons just beat the sense out of him. Clay likes to pretend he’s big and bad by using his cronies to his advantage but when it looks like he might be guilty, he tried to dodge the bullet. What a coward. My DISH co-worker was really angry about Gemma’s decision to drive under the influence. Just when she gained back Tara’s trust she gets in trouble like this. It’s going to get heated when Jax and Tara get back in town.

The TV Lass said...

I agree. But it begs the question is Gemma inherently broken or are the people around her broken? Isn't Tara turning into Gemma, and it's Tara's choices that brought her there. Was Gemma good at one point in time? Also, what will make the world right again? In Hamlet, he knew he had to die. Has Jax figured that out yet?