Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead: Seed

Needless to say Sunday nights mean DVR overload for me.  Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Walking Dead, and Homeland.  I have been working to keep my DVR lean as well, so I can continue to watch all the shows I love and write about whatever strikes my fancy.

I think it also goes without saying the Walking Dead had a lackluster last season.  There were some high points, specifically 18 Miles Out was an episode that was emotional and thought provoking.  But the farm became so boring, and they needed to leave, and a herd of zombies along with the death of Shane finally moved the story forward. 

As the episode opens, we find the survivors of the farm foraging a house looking for a place to rest.  But they are cast out again by a herd of zombies. (I think the herds of zombies should be called a murder like a murder of crows. Since the show already used the term herd, I will use their terms.)

Rick and Daryl find the prison while hunting, and immediately they hatch a plan to take it.  There is irony in the fact that they find freedom and space in a prison.  Granted this was in the comics, but if I was in the writers room, I would have had a field day writing this theme into the episode and the season.

Michonne and Andrea finally make their appearance.  Andrea is really sick, and Michonne is taking care of her.  They have survived the winter, which I need to mention I guess the cold didn't slow the zombies down.

Lori, who is now significantly pregnant, confides in Hershel  her fears for her pregnancy.  I had thought about some of the consequences she expressed, and I don't think they could do any of them on tv.  But we will see if she manages to have the baby. It may be the high point of the season, and what it means to be human in their post-zombie epidemic world.

As the men try to take more of the prison, Hershel is significantly injured and ends up losing his lower leg and foot.  To see Rick hacking away at his leg is crazy but also necessary.  Even more startling are the prisoners that appear, and they are just as freaked out to see other survivors.  The introduction of new characters will be good for the show. But I can't see myself liking anyone who was formerly a prisoner.

Well next week looks good, and I am interested to see if the absence of Shane is ever felt. I just can't want for Merle to come back, he looks new and improved without his hand; and I cannot wait to see it.

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