Monday, October 29, 2012

The Walking Dead: Walk With Me

Some of my readers expressed disappointment for not posting about The Walking Dead last week, so I am back this week.

Last week's episode had some shocking moments, both Hershel almost becoming a walker, and Rick killing the leader of the inmates with a machete.  In my humble TV Lass opinion that was the best human kill of the series.

In last night's episode, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse find themselves safe through imprisonment.  Woodbury and the Governor are another example of this theme.  Survivors are giving up their weapons and believing everything the Governor says and does when he is a true villain.  The Walking Dead now has the zombies to fear and the Governor.  The scene at the end with the heads was truly scary.  The Governor has power and will do anything to keep it.

It is a little hard to believe that he got the jump on the whole group of Army survivors, but this is fiction, and I'll believe it for the story.  The return of an improved Merle was what the show needed, but I could never see him as a crony of anyone. I am surprised he is going along with the Governor so much.  I know Merle would look down on Darryl for following Rick, so what does that say about Merle following the Governor?  I cannot wait to see what the scientist has to reveal about his experiments.  Anyone else find the tea suspicious?

Well I am looking forward to getting back to the prison next week.  The Walking Dead has two different universes, and they are going to meet soon.  I hope they do not spend the whole season apart, that will just drag out the series and make it uninteresting.

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