Friday, October 26, 2012

The Office: Here Comes Treble

This season of the Office has been really good.  I think the biggest factor for the improvement of the Office is bringing back the creepiness of Creed.  We always need a little creepy Creed in our lives.  I also think the writers are trying to get in all of their story ideas they've had since the beginning. 

I really like that they are showing the give and take in a marriage, and that even thought Jim and Pam are One True Pair; it still isn't easy.  Jim needs this sports marketing venture to work.  His life would be too sad if he just ended up a paper salesman for the rest of his life.  Speaking of sadness, Toby might get some happiness in his life with a crazy Brit. 

They have also made Dwight more human and kept him just as crazy.  It is what they needed because Dwight cannot just be crazy.  There needs to be humanity in him to make it work on the show.  Involving Oscar in Angela's marriage was a good pay off for all of the accusations by Oscar of Angela's Senator husband.

I would say last week's ep was better, it made me want pie and miss Pushing Daisies.  On that note, I am going to try to watch Mockingbird Lane.  Pushing Daisies writer Bryan Fuller has contributed to this show, and I like supporting good writing.  I hope Mockingbird Lane is in the same vein as Pushing Daisies.  Even though I am younger than a lot of people who were exposed to The Munsters a lot, I still got my fill of The Munsters when I was a kid.  So I am hoping this throwback works or at least invokes nostalgia.  I am traveling so I don't know if I can blog, but I'll definitely comment on it next week.

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