Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gossip Girl: Gone Maybe Gone

I decided to write about Gossip Girl tonight because I haven't watched the show religiously.  I am coming back to it after half watching the past few seasons.  Since it is the final season, I decided I needed to return. 

In all honesty, I didn't watch the first season of Gossip Girl, I thought I was above it.  And then I had an extremely bad day where I didn't get a job I wanted, in a city I was dying to move to.  So I bought the first season on DVD, picked up a pie (yes, a pie....blueberry), and a can of whipped cream; and I had a pity party.  Well Gossip Girl distracted me from the disappointment, and everything was ok in my life for awhile.  I feel like may be bringing Gossip Girl back into my life will bring me luck as I am figuring out my next steps after finishing my masters.

They opened the season with a search for Serena, which harkens back to her return in the first season.  I truly love the writing and the witty quips of this show, especially Blair Waldorf's "Country Strong" reference (yes, I am watching Nashville on Wednesday.  I have to support Connie Britton, Texas Forever!!!). 

I absolutely love that all of the characters spent the summer abroad.  Oh, how I wish I had their lives. I think the best formula for this shower is Chuck and Blair together, Dan and Serena together, and Nate just looking cute.  Even though Nate and Serena together was hot.  I love all the drama with Rufus being manipulated by Ivy.  The show also works best when nefarious characters are manipulating the ones we love.  How is Nate going to be further manipulated by Gossip Girl?  Or Sage from the previews, she's going to be 17?  Also, I love the name choice, Sage means to predict the future.  So what role will she play in the Gossip Girl world or Nate's paper? 

My preference for Blair and Serena for when they are best friends.  It makes the characters more relatable. I have high hopes for this season because the tension the writers are building between characters will make this season suspenseful, interesting, and hopefully worth watching.

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