Monday, February 6, 2012

Downton Abbey: Separation Arrangements

This episode blew my mind with having a potential heir return, and Edith being the only one to believe him.  It was nice to see an Edith centric episode.  She definitely has maintained the role of the middle child, always in the background.  But was she the most gullible, and that's why she believed Patrick's story so easily? Now I wonder if his story is so unbelievable because our (the characters and myself included) judgement is clouded by our love of Matthew.  He was able to partake in the childhood memories with Edith. But why did he seek her out?

I guess we'll never know who Patrick really was, since he left Edith with such an ambiguous note.

Violet is so manipulative. I swear only Maggie Smith can make conniving qualities appear charming, cunning, and clever.  I love how self serving she can be, and yet I do not mind at all finding a cause for Isobel to focus her energy.  Isobel's selfless and altruism became grating after awhile.

Another thing I noticed about the episode that I think might be foretelling the fate of Sir Richard Carlisle, every shot where he is talking to a Crowley, there is something in the background separating the characters.  In Haxby, you have the chandelier dividing Mary and Richard.  And again when Richard is talking to Cora, the window pane is dividing him.  Will Richard never become part of the family since the landscape is consistently separating him from the family?  Dear god, I hope so.  I do not think he is a good man or a good match for Mary.  Carson would agree with me, and I think he feels the need to protect Mary from the situation she made for herself.

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