Monday, February 20, 2012

Downton Abbey: Finale

Downton Abbey originally aired in the UK with the finale being right before Christmas.  The US isn't that lucky, so we saw the finale in February.  It was still worth the wait.  The one thing the Brits know how to do it is Christmas.  This episode made me want to watch Love Actually, or travel to London for Christmas.  It seems to be a special time at Downton Abbey too.  First things, first, we get to see more about the family's reaction to Lady Sybil's wedding, and now pregnancy.  It is so very exciting.

We also get to see how insufferable Carlisle has become. Both Matthew and Lord Grantham tell Mary not to marry him because they see how unloving and annoying Carlisle is.  Lord Grantham proves what a compassionate and loving man he is.  Telling Mary to run off to America and bring back a cowboy.  Even if Lord Grantham compassion is only coming from his own indiscretion I'll take it. Thank god, she is listening to someone.

The Christmas/New Years celebrations are quickly dampered by Mr. Bates's trial and conviction.  It is annoying how Mr. Bates is so prideful to a fault. I truly hope he doesn't die next season. It is sad to watch the servants and household suffer because they care for Mr. Bates and Anna. 

Bates's conviction gives Thomas an opportunity to finally become a valet, but I do not think I have ever hated him more than this episode.  He is truly a spiteful man, who makes a dog suffer to improve his station.

Daisy is another who wants to improve her station.  She has definitely gotten a little fire in her.  She is fighting for what she believes is right with her marriage to William and her worth.  She is right, but just as William's father pointed out, it's all on how you approach the subject.
I hate that Matthew took on his guilt from Lavinia's death by rejecting his love for Mary.  But I love how everyone is telling them in this episode that they need to be together. Including the Ouija board, I loved the ending where it is obviously Lavina giving her blessing. 

I am so happy I got the ending I have been waiting for! Mary confesses everything to Matthew, and he doesn't care because his love is true.  He would never hold anything over Mary's head like Carlisle.  She deserves more.  Finally, Matthew comes to his senses in a light snow storm, such a beautiful way to get engaged!

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