Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smash: Joe Dimaggio

I didn't have high hopes for this episode.  I really don't know why I am continuing to watch.  Maybe it's because Smash is part of the zeitgeist in Hollywood right now, but I even think that might be putting it on a pedestal.

Finally, we have a storyline I can get into.  Mike is hot, and you know I know I love the drama of a forbidden love affair.  I really don't like when people cheat.  But we haven't seen enough of the husband to care about him.

I do think this episode was going after Middle America.  First off, you have the trip to Iowa, where Karen in Redneck Woman in the bar.  Granted it's a song that gets stuck in your head, but that's not who she is or ever was as a character.  I guess they were trying to cultivate a middle America fanbase, and not alienate people with the show being set in New York.

Then you have Eileen Rand (any allusion to Ayn Rand by the writers??? I'll explore that further and get back to you), she is trying to make it without her husband.  This is proving to be difficult because he was the business side of their partnership.  "Nothing cultivates a female fanbase than a woman trying to go it on her own without a man." That's what I could see being said by executives when the show was being written.  Hollywood executives never give Middle America, women, or the audience enough credit.

Overall the show is getting a little more intriguing, I guess I'll continue to watch for blog purposes.

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