Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

This post was written as a special request.  Also, I put so much time into the Challenge for my own entertainment purposes; I might as well write about it.  I would say that Bill Simmons and Dave Jacoby at Grantland may love the Challenge more than me.

Ok, so background to the Challenge: The challengers are partnered with their exes to compete in challenges and ultimately win money. 

The pairings and my analysis follows:
  • Abram & Cara Maria: I definitely think Cara Maria lacks confidence in her abilities.  Abram is just an animal when it comes to these challenges.  He also has tattoos on his hands, which I think are the weirdest addition to all of his body art.  I was sad to see them go because they are an intriguing couple. But they really didn't have a chance height and weight wise when the X game was revealed at the Dome.
  • CT & Diem: I am totally wondering if these two will get back together. In fact I am rooting for it..  I am also hoping that'll make it far too.
  • Dunbar & Paula: They have really been a non-entity this challenge, especially Dunbar.  We've barely seen them out side of the interviews before they do their challenges, which have been funny.
  • Johnny & Camila: I heard about this drunken event before I saw the episode.  She was also speaking Portuguese at one point in time and no one knew what she was saying she was sooooo drunk.  I feel bad that she had to live through this on tv. But that's also why we watch.
  • Mark & Robin: Robin may be the surprise competitor in all of this, but I do not see them making it to the final.
  • Rachel & Aneesa: Surprisingly are holding their own being two women.  I still can't believe Rachel would stab Mark in the back though.  Also, Johnny was supposedly such an asshole on the Island, so I don't blame her for trying to get rid of him.
  • Ty & Emily: I thought they were interesting separately on other challenges.  I think they have been boring, and they won't make it to the final. 

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