Friday, February 24, 2012

Parks and Recreation: Sweet Sixteen

Ron points out to Leslie that she needs to take a leave of absence from her parks position to run her campaign.  Leslie does not take this well, and she also forgot Jerry's birthday.  Jerry is going to be 64, and his birthday is on February 29th, which is Leap Day.

Leslie tries to make up for this by throwing a surprise party for Jerry at Donna's lake house.  We get to see what Jerry does on his downtime, it's apparently bubble baths, book reading, and a bottle of wine (ok glass, I just wanted to keep the alliteration going).

We also see the demise Ann and Tom.  I freaking love their relationship or non-relationship.  TAnn Forever!!!

It is really sad to see Chris's realization of his sad life. 2.8% body fat and no one in his life.

Ron Swanson pearls of wisdom: Never half ass two things, only whole ass one thing.

So 11 year old Ron Swanson working in a steel mill?? Food for thought. 

Side note: You should check out this great article at Grantland about this episode.

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