Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revenge: Perception

Emily's perception is blinded by one thing, revenge.  Glad to see Emily's revenge is back on track, I want to the black hearted Victoria Grayson go down.

Victoria tried to improve her relationship with her daughter by going to lunch with Declan, which was at god forbid a bar.  While this may have helped the situation, Jack certainly made sure that Victoria's secrets would be revealed to Charlotte and Daniel.

In this episode, you see that Emily has a heart.  After she saw the touching moment between Charlotte and Connie, Emily decided not to reveal that they share the same father.  But Jack burst into the engagement dinner and confronted Victoria on leaving Amanda Clarke all alone in a time of need.  He also outed her secret affair and Charlotte and Daniel found out the truth.

The best part of the episode was Emily coming home to the ball invitation that someone left for her.  It is so rare in the story when Emily is surprised.  I would not have been able to sleep that night if I found that in my home.  And this all leads up to the episode we have been waiting for all season.  I cannot wait!  But who left the ominous message for Emily?

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