Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The River: Poor Monkey

Many reviewers and critics think that The River won't make it to the second season, which is sad.  I think what the River is doing every week is very innovative story telling.  For instance, this episode was different from all the ones before in that it used found footage of Emmet Cole.  There were a few scenes that took place on the Magus, but Emmet Cole carried the episode.  Not many characters or shows could do that. 

I almost knew when they showed the monkey that it was going to come back later in the episode.  I did not think it would be after it was skinned, and I also did not think they would kill a character like that either.  I totally thought it was selfish of Rabbit to run off with all of the survival gear.  I was very worried for the dog while Emmet was starving.  I was very happy that he didn't go through with it.

The ending with the outpost that was now abandoned was very smart.  I think that opens up the series to be out of the river for a few episodes, and it would be a little more tradition story telling which will give the series longevity. 
I was totally not bother by Lena's confession of setting of the emergency beaker, and I am glad she found her mark.  I hope that gets explored further.

My hope for this series is that it makes it to the next season, and that it has a graceful ending where many answers and story lines can be flushed out. 

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