Monday, March 5, 2012

Walking Dead: Shoot First, Think Later

I read Cormac McCarthy's The Road, and I have been traumatized by a post-apocalyptic world ever since.  In a post-apocalyptic world, I would not want to live.  First off, all the things I love tv, movies, books, good food, etc would not exist.  Secondly, it would be uncomfortable and smelly, so I have already told my friends and family it if happens, I will choose the other option out of that world.

At the same point in time while watching the Walking Dead, I have talked to my Dad, the ultimate hunter, about Bowie knives and cross bows for my survival.  If it ever happens, we'll see what I'll do.  My weapon of choice will be the cross bow, reusable ammunition and silent.

This episode opens with Randall being interrogated by Daryl, and he reveals the atrocities of his group of survivors.  I do not know what to make of Randall, if he isn't like that group that rapes and pillages.  I understand the need to kill him.  But Rick should have shot him in the head while attached to the fence, not save his life.  I'll also forgo the major plot hole that Randall knowing Maggie didn't come up at all during his surgery.

I love that Dale has made the effort in confronting Shane and talking to Hershel.  I agree with his ethics and his agreement, but I do not know if it is strong enough to save Randall's life in my mind.  I agree with Dale that civilization is based on the rule of law, magna carta, human rights.  It is a different, changed world (we've been told many times in this season), does logic and rhetoric still exist? If anything, in theory this is the time where rhetoric, philosophy, and logic is required to make sense of the unfamiliar world.

This episode showed that Carl is as stupid as Lori, but at least Carl is a child. Wow, I never expected them to kill off a major character.  Let alone at the hands of Carl.  Daryl taking the final shot was poignant, I am wondering if that means he'll take to heart what Dale said.  I noticed the wings on Daryl's vest earlier in the episode, I thought they'd signify something.  I just didn't think the angel of death.  I am glad Dale doesn't have to live in that world anymore; unfortunately I think that kind of world needs someone like him to insist on protecting civilization.

Am I the only one haunted by the two deputies dead in the last episode that had no bites?  All of these people have been involved in close struggles with walkers, you mean to tell me they have never been scratched?

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