Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Mindy Project: Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party

I have watched a lot of romantic comedies in my day and that makes me love The Mindy Project.  I have to confess after the SNL skit of "Dylan McDermott vesus Dermot Mulroney," I would totally lose at that game without

2 Broke Girls also referenced the confusion between the two actors on Monday night.  As a student of pop culture, I should be able to tell them apart but alas I cannot. Maybe one day after a marathon of their movies.

I loved tonight's episode of the Mindy Project.  Mindy's unabashed love of the holidays with the music and colorful outfits set such a great tone for the show.  Danny who is uninterested in the holidays comes to the party with an elaborate ginger bread house.  He is the perfect foil to Mindy.  He does care about her when trying to help her navigate a cheating crisis with grace.  Mindy confronts Josh perfectly mimicking the voicemail.  Danny saves Mindy during her speech becoming her knight in shining armor.

Ellie Kemper appears as Heather (not a fan of the character being named that), but she does a great crazy girlfriend who insults Mindy and destroys her house. It was genius to have Wham's Last Christmas as background music to when Mindy's friends are rallying around her to make her feel better. It's what the holidays are all about sharing, caring, and loving all that are special to us.  This episode is proof that Mindy's show is hitting its stride, and I am only looking forward to more.

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