Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Office: Series Finale

I know I haven't blogged in awhile.  I could not imagine not acknowledging the end of this show.  As many of you know, I am a huge Office fan and from Wilkes-Barre, PA (close to Scranton).

I was so obsessed with the Season 2 finale, that even leaving the country didn't stop me from immediately knowing what happened to Jim and Pam. As a result, I fell down the stairs trying to get a better wireless signal while living in Belgium and downloading the Season 3 premiere on iTunes.  My laptop and I survived, and that it is proof how much I love this show.

I feel like I became an adult while watching it.  I have many memories watching it in college, during my first and second jobs in an office, and now the quintessential show in my life is coming to an end.  I am just happy I got to spend so many hours with characters that I love, writing that was superb, and comedy that was spot on to daily life.

The last episode (ever) opens with Dwight as the manager, and the documentary taping a year later reunion. Kevin has been fired (after inventing the number cleven). Dwight and Angela are getting married. Oscar is running for state Senate. Jim and Pam are living in Scranton, and hijinks ensue as there are bachelor and bachelorette parties to be had and a bride to be stolen.

At the reunion panel, Jim and Pam are drilled about their romance.  Erin meets her birth parents, which is one of the sweetest moments on the Office and the Office has had many sweet moments.  This is a rough estimation, but this is the third wedding the Office has filmed with all of them having their special moments.  Jim's final prank on Dwight where Michael Scott shows up to be Dwight's best man completes the season finale.  Something would have been missing if Steve Carrell was not there to finish out this show.

We got the happy ending we have been wanting for Jim and Pam, and Jim can go off to pursue his dream like he had supported Pam in her dreams. At a wrap party for the documentary, Pam unveils her mural dedicated to Jim showing the history of the Office.  I loved seeing the writers and producers sharing in the moment. But our faithful employees of Dunder Mifflin wanted to have a drink together to remember the good times, reminisce about the memories, and appreciate the time they had together.

With the ending of this show, I could write several favorites lists for episodes, scenes, quotes, etc. However, those lists would not do justice to a show that has entertained me for the past nine years. The story lines, characters, and the journey will not leave me.  I will be referencing this show for years to come.

Well The Office, thanks for the memories.

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