Monday, August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad: Blood Money

I know it has been awhile.  I have spent my summer catching up on Veronica Mars (so sad I didn't watch it during it's prime) and The Wire. We are now into August, and that means shows are finally starting to return.  It has been a particularly dry spell since the end of Game of Thrones.  But thank god for Newsroom and Breaking Bad.  The marathons have even allowed my mom to get into it.  I am so proud of her!

There are so many theories out there for the end of this series, if Walter White will be his own demise or Skyler's to Hank putting it together and having to betray his family even though Walt has left the business.  The days of making meth in the RV are long behind them, and Jesse has become the moral compass of the show.  We've watched Walt do many things, we never thought he'd be able to stomach doing.  Power and Money can be deeply alluring and slowly erodes psyche corrupting the reason for how Walt got into this mess.  He wanted to take care of his family and medical bills after having cancer and being on the losing end of a business venture.

The episode opens with the White homestead in dilapidated condition, and Walt returning to obtain his ricin. The timeline jumps back to the barbecue where Hank has read the book that Gus gave Walt.  Hank proceeds to have a panic attack while he drives home.  He then pursues putting the case together with a vengeance.

Walt meanwhile has a reinvigorated interest in the car wash while wanting to buy a second car wash to launder more money.  Lydia (who was also in a Knight's Tale) pays a visit because of the decline in quality of the product trying to get Walt back into the trade.  Skyler gets wind of her, and she sends Lydia on her way.

Jesse is spending his time high and with the guilt money from Walt haunting him.  He wants to give it to Mike's granddaughter and the kid, Drew Sharp, that died at Todd's hands in the desert.  Jesse tries to use Saul Goodman to accomplish this money distribution.  Saul calls Walt, who is receiving what appears to be chemotherapy.  Skyler apparently got her wish, counting the days until cancer returns.

This series began as Jesse's idea to make some cash enlisting his high school chemistry teacher for a mutually beneficial endeavor, but Jesse has figured out how far Walt has gone in his pursuit of power.  Jesse knows Mike is dead at the hands of Walt.

Walt figures out that his copy of Walt Whitman's (Whiteman) Leaves of Grass from Gus is missing.  He puts it together that Hank has a stomach bug or more likely is disturbed that he has the one piece of evidence to put the whole thing together.  Walt confronts Hank in hi garage, and Walt reveals that he has 6 months left to live and he will never see the inside of a jail. Skyler really did get her wish.

Much as season 2 opened with a charred eyeball of the pink bear in the White's pool, this season opened with a desolate homestead where the next seven episodes will lead.

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