Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aaron Sorkin: Enough Said

West Wing, Studio 60, and the upcoming Newsroom.  Truth be told, I still wish for a snow day/blizzard when I can sit around my apartment and watch West Wing.  My dvr would be filled with episodes that were on syndication on Bravo.  We just need President Bartlett to run our nation.
I even liked Studio 60.  I downloaded the whole season on iTunes while I was living abroad.  It wasn't a waste of money at all, and I kept some of the episodes when I was making room on my old computer.

I am super excited for Newsroom.  I cannot wait to watch the shows, to see the writing. I even signed up for HBO for Game of Thrones, True Blood, Life's Too Short, and some documentaries I want to watch. I look forward to writing about Newsroom for all of you, and I hope you are eagerly awaiting Sorkin's return to tv.

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