Monday, May 28, 2012

Mad Men: The Other Woman

Last week's episode left us wanting more scenes with Don and Joan.  The bonding between the two characters at the bar revealed the better side of Don.  He respects and cares about Joan, and I think that was a little unexpected.  Especially since we haven't really seen them together since the lawn mower episode. Don also knows when he wouldn't be enough for a woman, like Joan.  She sees right through him and intimidates him.  In the end, he's the only one who stands up for her, and he seeks her out to tell her this. 

Pete is a conniving asshole for letting Joan think that all the partners were on board with the arrangement for her to sleep with the Jaguar executive to win the account.  They could have won it on creative alone.  Because Don finally has returned to work.  Don's talent is why we fell in love with this show, going back to the first season with the Kodak Carousel campaign.  He is a genius.  He's becoming out of touch, and Ginsberg is the young, hungry creative talent.  The Jaguar campaign is Ginsberg's idea, but Don's presentation was out of this world.

It is too bad how Don is treating Peggy.  I would have resign on the spot if my boss threw money in my face.  I do not know how she didn't cry.  I also don't know how she got through her resignation speech or how she didn't take more money to stay with SCDP.  As we all know in real life, the grass isn't always greener.  I am interested in seeing how this plays out for Peggy.  I don't think she made the right decision.

Until next week, only two episodes left.  I can't wait to read Tom and Lorenzo's article on the wardrobe.  I now notice what the characters are wearing, and what message is being conveyed.  Megan is dressing and acting more and more like a petulant child.  When Joan agreed to the arrangement for Jaguar she was in a solid brown dress, by accepting the arrangement had she essentially become emotionally is dead.

And yes we all want Greg to die in Vietnam, please let this happen Matt Weiner!

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